Saturday, August 15, 2015

Save animals without spending money

Now that we have decided on which animal welfare organization to support, I believe most of you have been thinking of helping out. Perhaps you also have pledged to fund an animal protection charity, and that’s really great. However, most of us have limited budget; so not everyone can donate to his or her preferred organization. But financial problems should not stop you from saving animals. There are actually several ways to protect and care for them without spending any money:

  •  Volunteer to any animal welfare organization. Most organizations are lacking in manpower, so you are sure to be given a warm welcome should you decide to volunteer. Before volunteering, check objectives, achievements, and programs of your chosen organization/s. There are many animal welfare groups out there, and although their common ground is animal welfare, each has diverse programs and focus areas. So find the one that perfectly fits your personal beliefs and priorities.
  •  Care for stray animals. First things first; be very careful when you do this. Many homeless animals are scared and possibly ill that make them unpredictable. It is likely that some may scratch or bite you. If you find one near your area, be cautious in getting close to the animal. Also, remember to talk gently to assure him/her that he/she is safe. If you can’t control the pet and it’s really impossible to take him/her home, you can help care for the animal by giving some food, and maybe create a makeshift shelter. Leave the food and water near the place where you frequently see the stray. Again, this is for those who cannot fully commit to adopting stray animals. However, if you decide to adopt the stray, call the local veterinarian so you can be given professional instructions on how to take care of your new family member.
  •  Report any abuse. Call the proper authorities right away when you see an animal being abused or neglected by its owner or by anyone. Give a brief account of what you have just witnessed, but do not miss any important details like what kind of abuse the animal has been through, when and where you have witnessed this, and how many times you have seen it (if you witnessed this several times). If the animal is in immediate danger, tell the authorities right away so they can respond as soon as possible. I do not encourage you to put matters into your own hands. I know it would be very hard, but it may make things a lot worse and may also put you in danger. So, stay as calm as possible and please call the authorities right away.
  •  Educate people, especially children. I believe this is one of the most effective ways of saving animals from abuse and neglect. This will definitely leave a permanent mark. The more people understand the value of life in all forms – even how small or insignificant they may look like, the more we create a safer world for everyone. When children understand at a young age why animals should be cared for, they will grow up with the initiative to love and respect all creatures.

These are just simple but practical ways that everyone can do to help stray animals. One does not need to have a huge amount of money to be able to help, although that is certainly welcome. Remember, "a small good deed even in a single day may create a very big impact in all the days of someone’s life."

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