Friday, November 6, 2015

Why I'm writing about dogs, not the 'more important stuff'

A poster of He Named Me Malala. Found in

There's Malala Yousafzai, youngest Noble Prize winner, fighting for girls education and peace in the world. Here's Iris Pickler, a nobody, writing about dogs.

Why am I writing about animals instead of advocating against war and violence? Why I spend too much time researching and reading about the ways to prevent animal abuse and cruelty instead of campaigning against terrorism? 

Is my advocacy lesser than those who strive to end women assault and sex trafficking?

We have different views about this. All I know is through my children's book, Grandpa Bill and His 1000 Dogs, I'm sending a clear message to every kids - to respect all forms of life no matter how small or insignificant others might think they are.

When we teach our children to cherish and respect life as they care and love themselves and their family, we are molding lovers of peace and not suicide bombers. We are nurturing young people who might become like Malala who knows that women have the same rights as men and who makes sure that those rights are being practiced and not being violated.

When kids learn in their early age how to show compassion to the helpless and voiceless, they won't grow up beheading men like they are worthless beasts. Because for them there is no such thing as "worthless beast." Every creature, everything that has life is worthy of our love and respect.

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