Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fifteen First in 2015 (1)

My 2015 was a blessing. I experienced so many things for the first time. That's why it's already the second week of the New Year and I'm still having a hard time to say goodbye. Before I formally welcome 2016, let me reminisce my Top 15 Firsts in 2015:

Here are the FIRST FIVE:

15. I wore a two-piece swimsuit. I grew up in a conservative country where people wear t-shirts and shorts at the beach. Some even wear long-sleeves, afraid of becoming too dark and too exposed. I would say not all countries consider tanned skin as sexy and pretty. If you find these weird, you may want to know why Chinese women wear face-kinis.

Anyway, wearing two-piece at the beach is not just to be different. It's me proudly saying that, "I accept my body even how disproportionate it might be and whatever skin color I have, I am beautiful."

14. I endured the pain of threading and waxing. This is something I'm proud about where I came from, we don't care whether a woman has a mustache or hairy legs. Having hair in different parts of our body is just natural. However, when I moved here in the USA, it seems that most men are disgusted to see even one tiny hair on a woman's upper lip.

To fit in, I gave eyebrow threading a try and also used over-the-counter hair remover for my legs. Then I realized, why women need to go through these painful grooming just to acknowledge their beauty? Men go around with their long beard and hairy legs and no one cares. Threading and waxing can stay in 2015 forever.

I selected Hamsa or Hand of Fatima as my henna tattoo.
It symbolizes patience, loyalty, faith and resistance against difficulties.

13. I got my first tattoo. Conservative country means conservative people which includes my parents. They are so against tattoos that mentioning even a plan to have one will make them fuming mad. No explanation will make them change their minds. It was really odd because tattoos during our ancestors' time are like medals of honor.  The more success you have in battle the more tattoos you have and of course the more respect you gain from your community.

I actually just had a henna tattoo with my girlfriends. Still, it was liberating and I finally understand why my ancestors see being tattooed as beautiful and brave.

12. I conquered my fear of heights. I don't mind going up but going down is another story. I think I'm not scared to be in high places but I'm terrified to the thought of falling. Who is not afraid of falling anyway? Even falling in love is associated with pain and even death.

To face my fear, I agreed to join my aunt and cousin to enjoy different rides and slides in Orlando theme parks. I'm really amazed that I was able to get out alive from the scary roller coasters and 48 ft. + slides.

11. I went to the happiest place on earth. I promised to go to Disney World only when my aunt and cousin from Canada visit me in Florida. And it finally happened last September!

I haven't seen my aunt for 25 years and it's the first time that my cousin and I met each other in person. My grandma showed me a lot of his pictures and we even talked on Skype but we never had a chance to enjoy being together since they lived so far away. That's why Disney World really became the happiest place on earth for my family.

I'll share more about my firsts on my next post. Please visit me again soon. Thanks!

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