Friday, January 15, 2016

Fifteen Firsts in 2015 (2)

Here's the second installment of the Top 15 First Experiences I had in 2015:

10. I went cruising with someone special. The first boat experience I had was a scary one. It was on a small boat covered with a big tarp. It was so wavy that day and so cold. My whole family was throwing up while the waves are crashing to our tiny boat. I swear I was dying. It was a miracle that we survived that rough sail. I thought I'll never ride any kind of water transportation again. But it changed when I found someone who is willing to be nauseous with me. Nothing a pill of love can't cure eh?

9. I attended my first aerial yoga class. It seems like I love throwing up. This class was so memorable. I felt so dizzy  hanging upside down in a hammock so I slowly let go and slump on the floor while my eyes were closed. I heard my instructor asked me if I'm okay. I worked so hard to open my eyes even everything was still spinning so I could tell her I'll be fine. Suddenly, bile went up my throat. I vomited a little in my mouth! I swallowed it instantly so I won't spill everything on my instructor's face and won't embarrass myself more in front of everybody. I pretended nothing happened thought it was so nasty! I hurried home to throw up everything inside my body.  Ewww!

8. I visited Ernest Hemingway's house. This was a surprise from someone special. I thought we are just going to Florida Keys to go sight-seeing but he knows how much I love writing and a house of a well-known writer will certainly inspire me and excite me more than the popular beaches in  the Keys.

Photo by Iris Pickler

7. I met Mitch Albom. I love Mitch Albom. He's a superstar. A rock star. He's someone I adore and wish to be like. Just to have even a little bit of his writing talent is such a precious gift, I could die.

6. I met my favorite young adult author. I wrote about this experience in one of my entries. Please read my crazy story about meeting Melissa De La Cruz.

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