Monday, January 25, 2016

First Fifteen in 2015 (3)

Okay! This is the last part of my reminiscence and promise I'll create more memories this year :)

AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, Nov. 12-13, 2015, Orlando, FL
For more photos of my first dog show please visit my FB page.

5. I attended my first dog show. Of course, I already saw a dog competition before. But, only on TV. It was a very different feeling when you can see those cute fellows competing against each other in swimming and other categories where they can shine. It's amazing how they can jump over obstacles, model their shiny hair, do some tricks and make everyone happy by just showing how beautiful and well-groomed they are. What is more amazing I believe is the hard work of the trainers. They do everything they can so their dogs will be on the spot-light even they just stay in the shadows. Their dogs' success is everything to them. It doesn't matter how tired they are on the training - the months of preparations and the money they spent just to enter the competition. There are things that are unique among us and that includes the priceless enjoyment and happiness trainers could get from seeing their dogs in the competition whether they win or not.

4. I rescued my first stray cat. I hope you remember my first cat, Rebel. Please read more about him by clicking here.

3. I received a card from a fan. I never expected my book to rank #4 in Amazon Bestsellers let alone receive a message from a very happy fan. It's enough for me to create something that I can be proud of but to learn that people also love what I worked hard for is indeed a blessing. Thank you!

Grandpa Bill and His 1000 Dogs ranked #4 in Amazon Bestsellers

2. I read for the public for the first time.  Writing is a solitary work. I love being by myself. It makes me think and reflect about my life. It gives me the peace that I need and the serenity that brings in the muse of writing. It welcomes deep thoughts, intense emotions and new ideas.

I'm not scared of people. I just  feel more comfortable if I'm on my own. So, to read in public is such a foreign thing for me. It's one of my fears. But YES, I did it!

I'm so proud conquering my fears in 2015 - the year when I can proudly say that I've been brave - that I was able to do the things I never expected that I can achieve. Kudos to that strength. Keep going. Work harder. There's a lot more to conquer in 2016!

1. I published my first children's dog book.  Publishing a book is next to impossible. Who would have thought that I would be able to really do it? I'm out of words. This is one of the greatest achievements I could ever have. There are a lot of things I needed to give up just to come up with this book. Though I have my disappointments, moments of giving up - of frustrations, angers and fears, still I made it!

I'm not even near to being wealthy. I can't still live by just selling my book, Grandpa Bill and His 1000 Dogs, but who says that I can't make it. There's no limitation on what we can do. It's only our fears that limit us to create something - to achieve something - to be something- to be someone - to be a bestselling author - to be whoever I would like to be - or to be simply me.

Lexus (dog) and Rebel (cat),  my precious babies, posing with my book.
With all these experiences, lessons and realizations, I am finally moving on. I'm letting you go 2015. Thank you! 

I formally Welcome 2016 before January ends! Don't worry. I'm not even late yet. Chinese New Year will be on February. Yey!

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