Monday, February 1, 2021

How Parents Can Encourage Children to Love Reading


Literacy is the foundation of all disciplines. If your child struggles to comprehend a text, it can affect other areas of studies like math problem solving, geography, history, and more. After all, kids need to read books to learn about different subject areas. It would be beneficial to encourage your children to LOVE reading. Though schools ingrain the devotion of reading to our young ones, our kids often associate reading with homework. The act of opening up a book becomes a chore instead of a pleasurable hobby. If you want to make sure your kids stay interested and immersed in books, check out the following tips:

Start on the Right Track by Reading Aloud

The most effective and efficient method in getting your kids to love books is doing read-aloud activities. Even small toddlers can see big picture books, hear you, and flip cloth or cardboard pages. As early as you can, please sit with them and read books. If you make it a habit, it becomes a part of their routine. When they become older, you can read them storybooks before you put out the lights. You will be amazed to realize that reading aloud is as pleasurable for your kids as it is for you. After all, bonding with your kids through a book is a magical experience. Should this be your foundation, your children will keep on picking up a book even when they can already read independently.

Keep Books Displayed Around the House

Make sure you have reading materials in your house. If kids see these various reading materials, they feel like books are part and parcel of home life. Make sure you always have age-appropriate materials in your home that your kids can handle freely. Remember, keeping an arsenal of books in your house will spark your children’s curious mind.

Take the Time to Pick Books Together

Give your children the chance to choose the books they like. You can go to the library together to peruse the collections. Ask your kids to pick the books they would like to borrow. In the same token, you can go to the bookstore or pour through the selections at Amazon to see which new books you can add to your home library. When children are empowered to choose their reading materials, they feel more motivated to read the books from cover to cover.

Create a Reading Corner or Cozy Nook

You can set up a reading spot to inspire your children to make friends with books in your home. Put a theme based on their favorite characters like a mermaid’s cove or rainforest to keep your kids excited. Your kids will feel inspired to hang out in their fun reading corner, and it shall make reading time more appealing.

Furthermore, you can shake things up by doing appropriate activities in their nook. Try making a puppet show or arts and crafts using favorite characters. When you bring the books to life, your kids can truly appreciate the wonder of books.

Model This Behavior to Keep Kids Inspired

If you want your children to become book lovers, you must practice what you preach. When young kids see their parents pouring over books, they have a strong urge to mimic the behavior. Over time, how you handle your collection of books will influence your children. After all, kids always imitate what you do, so when they see you treat your books gently, chances are they will do the same thing. Ask yourself, how often do you pick up a book and read?

Final Wrap Up

Nurturing a deep love for reading is one of the best things you can gift your children. When children have excellent comprehension skills, they learn faster, concentrate better, score higher on tests, and improve their overall knowledge. But more than that, reading is a fundamental aspect of communication. The more you read, the better you can improve your writing, listening, and even speaking skills.


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